Frequently Asked Questions

Is your facility secure?
We try to do whatever we can to ensure a safe atmosphere on our property. We use state-of-the-art security cameras, and our storage facility has folks who live on-site and keep a watchful eye on the property. Our managers do daily walk-throughs of the property and check for any evidence of tampering or anything that might be out of place. We have cameras that customers CAN see, and cameras that they CAN'T see.

What about car storage?
Absolutely! We have a variety of options for storing any vehicle short term or long term.

Where do I pay my bill?
We make it easy for you! Of course, you’re welcome to pay your bill at our office, but you can conveniently pay online any time and from anywhere with internet access.

How do I get started?
Give us a call any time! You can also use the form on our Contact Us page, or even stop by one of our facilities. We’d be happy to assist you or answer any questions!

I need to buy or sell my home. Can you recommend an agent?
Well funny you should ask! Brandi Ulrey, the owner of A Storage Center, is also a real estate agent! Need to know your home's value? 
Contact Brandi: - or head over to for a free home valuation!